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"Awesome graphics and interesting worlds!"
"It’s a gorgeous game that’s a lot of fun to play."

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  • Morboo’s Microcosm HD shining its light on 100% indie
    Controls are a big deal when it comes to smartphone games, as no one really likes to use on-screen buttons. When the platform really comes into its own, however, is for more intuitive gesture-based controls, which simply aren’t available on consoles and computers. Take Microcosm HD, for example; a perfect…
  • Play Microcosm – a unique puzzle game adventure! (Review)
    Microcosm is a unique puzzle game adventure to get our round characters from one end of the land to the portal. Use the character’s limited abilities to propel them through the terrain to collect energy coins and crystals while avoiding epic deaths Pros & Cons: Pros Unique puzzle game using…
  • Microcosm: It’s A Small World After All (Review)
    If you’ve been with us long here at the Android Apps Review, you’re likely aware of our particular interest in platforming gams. We have fond memories of playing them on the very early consoles in our youth (Geeze, has it been that long?) and we love any new entry into…